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Danza Duende

"Authentic in Art, Artists in Live"

     Danza Duende®, created by Yumma Mudra (Myriam Szabo), is a training applicable to different body languages (Jazz, Contemporary, Gypsy, Martial Arts), which allows us to find the sources of the form in our mind and to discover the our inherent potential to work on all aspects of our lives. It is the search for authenticity in movements and in all kind of art creations, it's personal expression to bring life into dance and dance in life.

     Danza Duende training is intended above all to develop the courage and ability to improvise, create shapes, increase our perceptions of space and intuition, adapt to changes quickly, the ability to communicate and flexibility and generosity in collaborating . La Danza Duende proposes to work on oneself, with an ethical and joyful attitude in the transmission of art.

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